Field Descriptions

QuickBooks Field Label QuickBooks Field Description
Title Title Title of the vendor.
Display Name As DisplayName * Display name of the vendor.
Print On Check As PrintOnCheckName Name as appears on the check.
First Name FirstName First name of given name of the employee.
Middle Name MiddleName Middle name.
Last Name LastName Last name or family name.
Suffix Suffix Suffix
Address Line 1 AddressLine1 Primary address line 1
Address Line 2 AddressLine2 Primary address line 2
Address Line 3 AddressLine3 Primary address line 3
Address Line 4 AddressLine4 Primary address line 4
City AddressCity Primary address city.
State AddressState Primary address postal code.
Postal Code AddressPostalCode Primary address country.
Country AddressCountry Primary address state / province.
Company CompanyName Name of the company.
Website WebSite Web site URL.
Business ID No. TaxIdentifier Identifier
Account No. AcctNum Account number.
Track Payments For 1099 Vendor1099 Flag that indicates if vendor is having 1099.
For having 1099 use any of the following values: 1, t, true, y, yes.
Field default is False(no 1099).
Email Email Primary email address.
Phone PhoneNumber Primary phone number.
Mobile MobileNumber Cell phone number
Fax FaxNumber Fax number
Other OtherNumber Other or alternative phone number.
Terms SalesTerm Sales net terms.
Currency Currency Default currency for the vendor.