Field Descriptions

QuickBooks Field Label QuickBooks Field Description
Title Title Title of the employee.
First Name FirstName * First name of given name of the employee.
Middle Name MiddleName Middle name.
Last Name LastName * Last name or family name.
Suffix Suffix Suffix
Display Name As DisplayName * Display Name of the employee.
Print On Check As PrintOnCheckName Name as appears on the check.
Phone Number PhoneNumber Primary phone number.
Mobile Number MobileNumber Cell phone number.
Email Email Primary email address.
Employee ID No. EmployeeNumber Employee ID number.
Employee ID SSN SSN/ID of the employee
Address Line 1 PrimaryAddressLine1 Primary address line 1
Address Line 2 PrimaryAddressLine2 Primary address line 2
Address Line 3 PrimaryAddressLine3 Primary address line 3
Address Line 4 PrimaryAddressLine4 Primary address line 4
City PrimaryAddressCity Primary address city.
State PrimaryAddressState Primary address state / province.
Postal Code PrimaryAddressPostalCode Primary address postal code.
Country PrimaryAddressCountry Primary address country.
Billable Time BillableTime The billable status of the employee.
To make the employee billable use any of the following values: 1, t, true, y, yes.
Field default is False(not billable).
Billing Rate BillRate Bill rate
Date of Birth BirthDate Birth date.
Gender Gender Gender
Hire Date HiredDate Date of hiring.
Released ReleasedDate Date of release.