Field Descriptions

QuickBooks Field Label QuickBooks Field Description
Title Title Title of the customer.
Company Company Name of the company.
First Name FirstName First name or given name of the customer.
Middle Name MiddleName Middle name of the customer.
Last Name LastName Last or family name of the customer.
Suffix Suffix Suffix of the customer.
Display Name As DisplayName * Display name of the customer. Should be unique across all customers, vendors and employees.
Print On Check As PrintOnCheckName Name as printed on the check.
Billing Address Line 1 BillingAddressLine1 Billing address line 1
Billing Address Line 2 BillingAddressLine2 Billing address line 2
Billin Address Line 3 BillingAddressLine3 Billing address line 3
Billing Address Line 4 BillingAddressLine4 Billing address line 4
Billing Address City BillingAddressCity Billing address line city.
Billing Address State BillingAddressState Billing address line state
Billing Address PostalCode BillingAddressPostalCode Billing address postal code.
Billing Address Country BillingAddressCountry Billing address country.
Shipping Address Line 1 ShippingAddressLine1 Shipping address line 1
Shipping Address Line 2 ShippingAddressLine2 Shipping address line 2
Shipping Address Line 3 ShippingAddressLine3 Shipping address line 3
Shipping Address Line 4 ShippingAddressLine4 Shipping address line 4
Shipping Address City ShippingAddressCity Shipping address line city.
Shipping Address State ShippingAddressState Shipping address line state
Shipping Address PostalCode ShippingAddressPostalCode Shipping address postal code.
Shipping Address Country ShippingAddressCountry Shipping address country.
Phone PhoneNumber Primary phone number.
Mobile MobileNumber Cell phone number.
Fax FaxNumber Fax number
Other OtherNumber Other or alternate phone number.
Website WebSite Web site address.
Email Email Primary email address of the customer.
Customer type CustomerType Customer type.
Terms SalesTerm Sales net terms.
Default Tax Code DefaultTaxCode Default tax code applicable to the customer. This field applies to US QuickBooks Online customers with auto sales tax calculation off (PartnerTaxEnabled = false).
Tax Exemption Reason TaxExemptionReason Reason for the tax exemption for the customer. This field applies to US QuickBooks Online customers with auto sales tax calculation on (PartnerTaxEnabled = true).
1 for Federal government
2 for State government
3 for Local government
4 for Tribal government
5 for Charitable organization
6 for Religious organization
7 for Educational organization
8 for Hospital
9 for Resale
10 for Direct pay permit
11 for Multiple points of use
12 for Direct mail
13 for Agricultural production
14 for Industrial production / manufacturing
15 for Foreign diplomat
Preferred Payment Method PaymentMethod Preferred payment method.
Exemption Details ResaleNumber Resale Number of Tax Exemption details or any other additional info of the customer.
Preferred Delivery Method PreferredDeliveryMethod Preferred delivery method of the customer.
Bill With Parent BillWithParent Flag that conveys if the job gets billed with parent job or customer.
To make the job billed with parent use any of the following values: 1, t, true, y, yes.
Field default is False(not billed).
Currency Currency Default currency for the customer.
Notes Notes Notes about the customer.