Journal Entries

Field Descriptions

QuickBooks Field Label QuickBooks Field Description
Journal Entry # RefNumber * Reference number for the transaction. By default, this value is used only for internal processing by Transaction Pro Importer and QuickBooks Online auto-generates a new value. This can be changed in the import options
Journal Date TxnDate Date of the transaction.
Memo PrivateNote Organization-private note(memo) about the transaction
Is Adjusting Journal Entry IsAdjustment Flag to highlight if item is an adjustment or not.
To set the flag as an adjustment use any of the following values: 1, t, true, y, yes.
For not setting the flag use any of the following values: 0, f, false, n, no.
Field default is false(not adjust).
Currency Currency Reference to the currency.
Exchange Rate ExchangeRate The number of home currency units it takes to equal one unit of currency specified by "Currency"
Line Account Account * Reference to the account.Include only the account name or account number in this field and not both. If using Account Names in QuickBooks Online specify the entire account name, including any sub-account names and separate with account and sub-account with a colon in between (eg. Account:SubAccount). If using an account number include only the lowest sub-account number and enable the Transaction Pro Importer option, Enable Account Numbers.
Line Amount(Debits/Credits) LineAmount * Amount, negative amount is credit and credit otherwise.
Line Name(Customer/Vendor/Employee) Entity Reference information for the Entity associated with the JournalEntry line. Associated entities can be Customer or Vendor or Employee.
Line Description LineDesc Line description
Line Class Class Reference to the class.
Line Location Location Department associated with the transaction.
Line Tax TaxCode Reference to the tax code.
Tax Applicable TaxApplicableOn To set the tax applicable.
To apply tax on sales use any of the following values: 1, s, sales, sale.
To apply tax on purchase use any of the following values: 0, p, purchase, purchases.
Field default is sales.