Credit Memos

Field Descriptions

QuickBooks Field Label QuickBooks Field Description
Credit Memo # RefNumber * Reference number for the transaction. By default, this value is used only for internal processing by Transaction Pro Importer and QuickBooks Online auto-generates a new value. This can be changed in the import options
Customer Customer * Specifies the customer reference for this transaction.
Credit Memo Date TxnDate Date of the transaction.
Class Class Class associated with the transaction.
Location Location Department associated with the transaction.
Billing Address Line 1 BillAddrLine1 Billing address line 1
Billing Address Line 2 BillAddrLine2 Billing address line 2
Billing Address Line 3 BillAddrLine3 Billing address line 3
Billing Address Line 4 BillAddrLine4 Billing address line 4
Billing Address Line City BillAddrCity Billing address line city.
Billing Address Line State BillAddrState Billing address line state
Billing Address Line PostalCode BillAddrPostalCode Billing address postal code.
Billing Address Line Country BillAddrCountry Billing address country.
Shipping Address Line 1 ShipAddrLine1 Shipping address line 1
Shipping Address Line 2 ShipAddrLine2 Shipping address line 2
Shipping Address Line 3 ShipAddrLine3 Shipping address line 3
Shipping Address Line 4 ShipAddrLine4 Shipping address line 4
Shipping Address Line City ShipAddrCity Shipping address line city.
Shipping Address Line State ShipAddrState Shipping address line state
Shipping Address Line PostalCode ShipAddrPostalCode Shipping address postal code.
Shipping Address Line Country ShipAddrCountry Shipping address country.
Memo PrivateNote Organization-private note(memo) about the transaction
Message Displayed On Credit Memo Msg Message associated with the invoice.
Customer Email BillEmail Email address to which bill is to be emailed.
Shipping Amount ShipAmt Shipping amount.
Shipping Item ShipItem Reference to item within QuickBooks Online for the shipping expense.
Tax Amount TaxAmt The dollar amount of the sales tax.
Tax Rate TaxRate The name of the tax item to be used.
Shipping Tax ShipTaxCode The name of the tax item to be used.
Discount Amount DiscountAmt Discount amount.
Discount Rate DiscountRate Discount rate.
Discount Taxable DiscountTaxable Flag to highlight if discount amount is taxable or not.
To make it taxable use any of the following values: 1, t, true, y, yes.
To make it non taxable use any of the following values: 0, f, false, n, no.
Field default is false(not taxable).
Currency Currency Currency associated with the transaction.
Exchange Rate ExchangeRate The number of home currency units it takes to equal one unit of currency specified by "Currency"
Amounts Are AmountsInclTax Method in which tax is applied.
To inlcude tax use any of the following values: 1, t, true, y, yes, taxinclusive.
To exclude tax use any of the following values: 0, f, false, n, no, taxexcluded.
To not apply tax use any of the following values: 2, notapplicable.
Field default is not applicable.
Product/Service LineItem Reference to the item. Required field for product/service based line item.
Item Line Description LineDesc Description of the line item.
Item Line Qty LineQty Number of items for the line.
Item Line Service Date LineServiceDate Service date of the line items.
Item Line Rate LineUnitPrice Unit price of the item in the line.
Item Line Amount LineAmount Amount of the line.
Item Line Taxable LineTaxable The taxable status of the expense line.
To make it taxable use any of the following values: 1, t, true, y, yes, tax.
Field default is NON(non taxable).
Item Line Tax LineTaxCode Tax associated with the account based expense line item.
Item Line Class LineClass Class associated with the item based expense line item.