Data Format

This page describes how your data should be formatted for Transaction Pro Importer.

  1. Template File

    You can see the expected format of your data in the sample file downloadable from import page. Headers need to be on the first row.

  2. Transaction Number

    The transaction number (e.g. "Bill no" and "Check no" on QuickBooks Online) is used by Transaction Pro Importer to determine which rows in your import data are part of the same transactions. By default, the actual transaction number in QuickBooks Online is auto-generated, regardless of the transaction number, although you can set the import options to use the same value for QuickBooks Online.

  3. New Entities

    Transaction Pro Importer will automatically create accounts, classes, customers, departments, items, vendors, and payment methods that are in your import data, but not in QuickBooks Online. You can turn this feature off in the import options.

    There are some details you should note, however:

    • Check and Credit Card Credit payees are created as vendors rather than customers
    • Time Entry and Journal Entry Names are not created
    • If you need to create a subaccount, specify its parent followed by a colon, and then the subaccount name. Example: ( Account1:Subaccount1 )
    • The same rule applies to items. For example, to create a subitem 'Item2' of a parent item 'Item1', use "Item1:Item2"
  4. Auto-Matching Columns

    The column auto-match button matches your import columns to QuickBooks fields by name. Your columns need to have the exact same names in order to be matched. The auto-match is automatically applied if you do not use a user-defined mapping. So, for example, if you use the template file without a mapping, all the columns will be automatically matched.

  5. True or False

    Fields that require a true/false value accept the following case-insensitive formats.

    TRUE: true, 1, y, yes

    FALSE: false, 0, n, no

  6. Journal Entries

    For debits, use positive amounts, and for credits use negative amounts.