Bill Payments

Field Descriptions

QuickBooks Field Label QuickBooks Field Description
Bill/Bill Payment # RefNumber * Reference number for the transaction. By default, this value is used only for internal processing by Transaction Pro Importer and QuickBooks Online auto-generates a new value. This can be changed in the import options
Account APAccount Specifies to which AP account the transaction is credited. Many/most small businesses have a single AP account, so the account is implied. When specified, the account must be a Liability account, and further, the sub-type must be of type Payables.
Vendor Vendor * Specifies the vendor reference for this transaction
Payment Date/Bill Date TxnDate Date of the transaction.
Bank/Credit Account Bank or CC Account * Bank or Credit Card account associated with the transaction. Include only the account name or account number in this field and not both. If using Account Names in QuickBooks Online specify the entire account name, including any sub-account names and separate with account and sub-account with a colon in between (eg. Account:SubAccount). If using an account number include only the lowest sub-account number and enable the Transaction Pro Importer option, Enable Account Numbers.
Memo PrivateNote Organization-private note(memo) about the transaction
Bill No./Ref No BillApplyTo * Reference of the bill to which payment applies to.
Line Description LineDesc Line description.
Line Amount LineAmount * Line amount.
Currency Currency Currency associated with the transaction.
Exchange Rate ExchangeRate The number of home currency units it takes to equal one unit of currency specified within QBO.
Print Later ToBePrinted The print status.
To print use any of the following values: 1, t, true, y, yes, needtoprint.
To not print use one of the following values: 0, f, false, n, no, notset.
To complete print use one of the following values: printcomplete.
Field default is not set.