Export Steps

For exporting your data your have two options:

  • Export Immediately: In this option you get to preview the data and at the same you get to download the data as CSV.
  • Schedule Export: In this option you get to configure and schedule your exports. The schedule could be one time or recurring. This option lets you export data on regular intervals without login to Transation Pro Importer/Exporter as you receive exported data in emails.
  1. Data Filters

    Specify data filters and export options

    Data Filters

    Available types are:

    • Account
    • Bill Payments
    • Bills
    • Checks
    • Credit Card Charges
    • Credit Card Credits
    • Credit Memos
    • Customers
    • Deposits
    • Employees
    • Estimates
    • Invoices
    • Journal Entries
    • Products & Services
    • Purchase Orders
    • Purchases - Cash
    • Receive Payments
    • Refund Receipts
    • Sales Receipts
    • Time Activities
    • Vendor Credits
    • Vendors

    Post selection of type, specify relevant supported filter criteria.

    Export Options

    Export options let you define the following:

    • Fields to be exported. Out of all supported export field, you can choose which one to export in your export sheet.
    • Specify custom header values.
    • Specify default values in case value does not exist in QBO.
    • Order in which the export fields need to be exported in your export sheet.
    You can also save your export options for later exports per type of transaction.
  2. Preview Data

    You can preview your data before doing a full export.

    Click on "Preview" to view a subset of data to be exported.

  3. Export Data

    When the "Data Preview" window appears, post verification if the data matches the requirement, click the "Export Data" button.

  4. Download export file

    When the "My Exports" tab appears, click "Download" to download your export file.